Do you want to bust through doors, fire dozens of machine guns, and kill all the baddies? Then This War of Mine isn't what you're looking for. War heroes aren't just the fighters, they're also the survivors who find themselves thrown into a bleak world and have to scrape for meat, find a shelter, protect each other, and just try to get through each day unharmed and alive. That's the aspect of war that This War of Mine taps into, and it does so with surprising depth and sensibility for a "game". Our own Michael was very impressed when he reviewed it.

The title was released on Android in July, but it was only available for tablets and Android TV devices then. Now it's making its way to Android phones too, bringing with it a nice discount all over the world. The game's usual price of $14.99 is slashed in (almost) half to $6.99 in the US. In the UK, it's down to £4.99, €6.99 in many European countries, CAD$7.99 in Canada, AUS$8.99 in Australia, and it's even discounted for me in Lebanon, which is what I use as a meter to say that the offer is probably spread worldwide, but you'll have to check for yourself.

Like Lara Croft GO's discount yesterday, this is a "special time limited discount," which means that we're not sure how long it will last. You're better off making up your mind fast as soon as you read this post. Go, make that war yours — only on your phone, eh? We don't condone violence here.

This War of Mine
This War of Mine
Developer: 11 bit studios
Price: $13.99+