I'm not even a particularly big Starcraft fan, but I kind of really really want this light-up Protoss pylon USB charger a lot. It has all the key features of an excellent novelty USB charger: pretty lights and a reference I get. And Protoss pylons are just kind of cool looking. The only image does appear to maybe be a render - or at the least, a generously edited photo - so buyer beware on the actual quality of the product here, because it doesn't have any reviews yet.


Also, at $40, that's one hell of a pricey dual-port charger, and only one of those ports is 2.1A, the other is rated at 1A. There's no quick charge support on the 2.1A port, either, so the most you're probably going to get out of this thing is 6-8W. But if you wanted a nifty novelty desk charger and/or night light (the pylon has an on/off switch), this thing is pretty sweet.

Shipping is limited to a select list of countries on ThinkGeek's product page, so check it out for more info.