Most RPGs would have you believe that the key to success is bravery and enough dedication to hone your skills. The real secret, it turns out, is soda. That's right. Consuming the right beverage provides all the liquid courage necessary to journey into the nearest dungeon and grab all the loot.

That's what Soda Dungeon tells me anyway. The well-received title from developer Armor Games has made its way into the Play Store.

In Soda Dungeon, you're not the spunky young hero who journeys out, slays a dragon, and finds true love. You're the guy who runs the tavern back in town. It's here where you can find more adventurous types who will tackle minions and bring back the treasure you need to expand your business.

Thing is, these heroes won't just stop into any tavern. They only visit places that serve the best soda. Certain classes won't appear if you don't have the right kind of bubbly to satiate their thirst.


In this regard, Soda Dungeon is part sim, part RPG. Over the course of the game, you will grow your tavern and send heroes on any number of quests. The in-game currency comes in handy for buying better stats and gear. You can spend real money to do so via in-app purchases, but you don't have to.

So have a seat, and select your drink at the link below. This one is on the house.

Soda Dungeon
Soda Dungeon
Developer: Armor Games
Price: Free+