Google knows a lot about you. From your name to your location, photo, email and physical addresses, places you've lived, education, and more, there's a breadth of information that you're leaving scattered across the Internet that God-knows-who can find out about you. If you want to edit and manage that information, and most importantly specify which groups of people have access to which personal details, you had to know to head into your Google+ profile, go to the About tab, and click to edit each field to see if it's private, public, or limited to your G+ circles.

Now there's a better place and a simpler and more intuitive way to manage that information. AboutMe is a new Google page built by Alex Valdivia that condenses your personal details in a beautiful Material way, with clear visual indicators that show the privacy setting of each field of information.


There's your name, profile photo, cover photo, tagline, address, email address(es), gender, birthday, work history, education, the places you've lived, and the various links you've added to your profile. All of these fields can be edited and the privacy icons can be clicked and changed from public to private, circles, extended circles, and custom. There's a handy link at the bottom that takes you to perform a privacy checkup.

Google's support page for AboutMe explains that any edits you make in AboutMe will show up in your Google+ profile, and vice-versa. It also details where your information shows up and what Google does with it.

This may not be the end of your online privacy concerns, but it's a step in the right direction, at least when it comes to your Google profile.