Razer never seemed to really get behind its Android TV device. As far as we can tell, review units for the Forge TV were never sent to any of the tech media (not that we're bitter or anything. Razer. Not at all), and after brutal user reviews were splattered all over the Internet, the device still doesn't support the Android TV version of Netflix. Razer never released the neat-o mouse-and-keyboard combo designed specifically for couch gaming, the company's alternative to NVIDIA's PC game streaming software still hasn't materialized, and there have been no mentions of software updates or even notable game releases since the Forge TV launched in April.

In short, it looks like a dud.

That may or may not be the reason that Google is no longer selling the Forge TV on the Google Store, even though it's one of only three stand-alone Android TV devices sold in the US. (The others are the original Nexus Player and NVIDIA's far superior SHIELD.) But it certainly doesn't look good for the platform's also-ran. Google also stopped selling the official Razer controller. You can still buy both the stand-alone Forge TV and the controller bundle from Razer's online store for $100 and $150, respectively.

Razer might not be done with Android or set-top boxes just yet - they did pay a pretty penny to rescue OUYA from insolvency. But whatever their plans are, it sure doesn't look like the Forge TV will be a part of them.