Digitally Imported Radio takes music and digitally imports it into your mobile device of choice. It's more practical than toting around analog media. Take your phone for example. You don't want to try sticking non-digital stuff in that.

With the newest version, you can take that digitally imported music and send it to your TV thanks to Google Cast support. Whether you're using an old Chromecast, a new one, or a set-top box with Android TV.

Screenshot_20151110-140046 Screenshot_20151110-140027

Interestingly, the update seems to remove the icon from the homescreen. Fortunately you can just drag it back. Folks who have yet to check out the electronic music streaming service can do so underneath the update notes below.

What's New:

Now with Google Cast support for Chromecast & Cast Audio devices.

We’ve revamped our user experience with an all-new player to give you the best listening experience possible. Listeners in the USA will now be able to search for and listen to shows on demand, and can scrub through the tracks as desired. We’re also providing a list of your “liked” tracks so you can go back and find them anytime. Enable notifications to receive calendar updates and news and never miss a show again!

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