Netflix is a great resource for parents wanting to occasionally entertain their kids with some educational shows without all the crappy Skylander commercials. There is just one issue – the content is only available when you have an active internet connection.

Which, in the days of broad LTE and WiFi coverage, is an easy thing to take for granted. That is, until you board a five-hour flight with a toddler in your lap, seated between two people who are looking at your child with a mixture of disdain and loathing. You can see in their eyes that they are just waiting to criticize your parenting as soon as your kid starts to cry. In a cold sweat you realize, "I'm about to lose internet connectivity, and I have nothing to entertain my child."

When you need a distraction for your little one the most, Netflix isn't an option. The alternative is to buy a bunch of children's shows prior to traveling, which can get really expensive. Fortunately, you won't have to now, thanks to Google giving away the entire first season of six children's shows on Google Play. That's dozens of hours of premium HD toddlertainment that can be downloaded in bite-size pieces. Here's the full list.

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What's that sound I hear? Ah, now I recognize it, it's the voices of thousands of parents crying out at once, thanking Google. And they should, that's over $100 dollars worth of free content! I'm happy about it, and I know the people I sit between on the next flight I take my kids on will be happy about it too.