HTC's latest Hot Deal is indeed a hot one if you've got a hankering for some cheap phones. HTC is offering a tiered percentage discount across its entire online store right now that starts at 15% and goes up to 30%. As usual, the deal is only valid today and "while supplies last." And of course, this is US-only.

The percent you can expect to get off your order depends on how much you spend. Add $200 or more to your cart and you get 15% off the entire order. Bump it up to $400 and it's 20% off. If you really splurge and buy $650 or more in HTC devices, you get 30% off. The discount won't show in the cart, but will be applied to the total bill at checkout.

This discount can be applied to anything HTC sells, even the new One A9. At its new $500 price, that would place the A9 at the 20% off tier, which takes it back down to the $400 launch deal price. How fitting. So, get in there and get some cheap stuff before it's gone. Assuming things don't sell out, the deal is valid until tonight (11/10) at 11:59 PM PT.