The Samsung Galaxy View is without a doubt a niche product, but for the right person, this giant 18.4" tablet could be a tempting buy. Granted, $600 is a lot of money, especially when it only manages to have a 1080p screen (and a rather meager 8 hours of battery life). Regardless, the Galaxy View is now available in the US direct from Samsung or via Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H.

Ordering from Samsung does allow you to also buy an extended warranty plan with accidental damage protection at the time of purchase, at $89.99 for two years or $159.99 for three.


The Galaxy View is really the only device that quite does what it... does, though that's really just because it's the only Android tablet (recently) of this size. It doesn't offer any hardware video outputs, inputs, or special connectivity of any kind, really. It's just a big-ass Android tablet with a special launcher for a handful of partnered apps. Which you might find appealing, perhaps? Maybe?

If so, you can check the individual buy links below.