Until today, just five countries had access to Google Play TV shows: Australia, Canada, the US, UK, and Japan. Now, Germany and France have joined the rather [frustratingly] exclusive Play TV club, and that's not all. Germany and Spain are also getting access to redeemable Google Play credit promo codes starting today, both having already been in the list of countries with Google Play gift cards.

While Play Movies is available in dozens of countries, licensing television shows can be much more difficult. With many different distribution deals often occurring even within different regions of a given country, let alone for different seasons of a show, the number of deals that have to be made can be quite ridiculous. Germany and France are the most populated member nations of the EU, so it only makes sense that they'd be among Google's top priorities for expanded Play TV access.

What content is exactly available in France and Germany on Play TV, we're not sure. If we could get some French and German users to chime in on what the selection is like, that could perhaps give people a glimpse of what to expect as Play TV expands to more countries down the road.

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