The Google Wallet app just received a version bump, bringing it up to v11.0-R234-v13. (Seriously, what is up with this version number?) Like some of the other updates this week, there aren't any big changes, but the changes that are there will tighten up some of the oversights and issues that were left in the wake of Google splitting Wallet into two separate apps. The new version has a handful of minor visual tweaks and bug fixes, but more importantly it adds support for multiple bank accounts and a new button to quickly lock the app for security.

What's New

Multiple Bank Accounts

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The Wallet app has always supported multiple credit and debit cards, but it strangely limited users to just one single bank account. That's a bit odd for an app with the sole purpose of transferring money between people. The latest version clears up that oversight by allowing additional banks to be added and used for money transfers.

Lock Now Button

2015-11-05 17.12.23

If you're concerned that some dishonest humans might get their grubby fingers on your phone just after you finish using the Wallet app, the new version also sports a brand new "Lock Now" button for quickly securing your funds. It's conveniently located at the bottom of the navigation drawer, and tapping on it simply locks the app and shows the PIN entry screen. This is the same lock screen that normally shows up when the app first launches or after enough time passes and it automatically relocks itself.


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Version: 11.0-R234-v13 (1123413400)