Google has updated the developer dashboard with new platform numbers and there's big news. There are now officially more Marshmallow devices in the world than Froyo ones. Maybe one day Froyo will die, but today is not that day. In other news, there was a big uptick in 5.1 usage and everything else declined.

Here's the full breakdown for this month's numbers compared to last month.

As you can see, 5.1 and 6.0 are the only winners this month. Even 5.0 ticked downward slightly as people move to Android 5.1 and (in a few cases) 6.0. The jump to over 10% for 5.1 is probably because so many phones are still shipping with that version of Android.

While 0.3% adoption might not sound like a lot, Marshmallow is doing better than Lollipop did last year. It was released at about the same time and didn't even pop up on the first few platform updates after it hit Nexus devices. It wasn't until February of 2015 that it appeared. Maybe Marshmallow will see better adoption than Lollipop, which is still only on about a quarter of devices.