There's a new version of Drive rolling out today, and it focuses on improving the experience around file sharing in several ways. Notifications for shared files and folders are getting better in a few ways, getting access to files is easier, and you can preview files in Drive even if you haven't logged in. It's not all live right away, but you can install the updated app right now.

Two of the tweaks to Google Drive have to do with shared file notifications. Starting today, you'll get notifications when a file or folder is shared with you. The notification offers one-tap access to the file as well. If you're on the other side, you will get a notification when someone requests access to a file link you sent to them. As part of this, you can request and grant access to files via the app rather than the web.

If you get a link to a shared Drive file, you'll also be able to preview it without logging in with a Google account. This is how it works on the web, and now it'll be the same on Android. Google says some of these features will be live now (presumably as soon as you update), but other parts will go live over the next week or so. We've got the new version on APK Mirror for your downloading pleasure.