If you've been drooling over Kwikset's Bluetooth-powered, Android-compatible power door locks, but you've been wary of the high entry price, today is the day to bust out your wallet. Best Buy is offering refurbished versions of the Kevo smart lock for $129.99. While that doesn't quite make it into impulse buy territory, it's a generous $60 off the regular price of the refurbished version and $70 off of a new retail unit. You can get free shipping (store pickup is not available), but the price is only good for today.

For the uninitiated, the Kevo is an electronic lock that works with conventional metal keys and can also be controlled via mobile devices or home automation systems. In addition to the Android app, it's compatible with iOS, Google's Nest, the Ring Video Doorbell, and a wireless fob that you can attach to your keychain. (That would seem to defeat the purpose, but it saves a little scrambling in the dark.) The lock can also be remotely operated, which is handy if you need to open your home for others when you're not away, and digital keys can be given to others via the Kevo app.

Best Buy is offering the Kevo in black, nickel, and bronze finishes to blend in with your current décor. Get an order in quickly if you want one - these one-day sales sometimes have limited allocated stock.