Sound is pretty simple, especially in the form of music. It should be nice. It should be loud when I want it to be. It should fill the room. In the case of Bluetooth speakers, they should be easy to pair. Battery life should be decent. After that, see desired qualities listed for sound.

The Ultimate Ears Boom Bluetooth speaker should meet most of these qualities. Two years ago, our own Cameron Summerson considered this the Bluetooth speaker against which all others should be judged. That still means something, even if it's no longer the latest model.

I'm not an audiophile. I don't know why you should pick one $200 speaker over another. But I can figure out why you might prefer to get a refurbished one from Woot for $120. That's roughly $80 less than what you would otherwise spend. You can get the Boom in black or white.

Maybe you don't like Woot. Maybe you prefer to buy new rather than refurbished. Maybe you want to shop with PayPal. Regardless, you can find new UE Booms on eBay for $140. If my math is correct, that's also less than $200. Sounds like a deal to me.

Alternate title: [Deel Alert] Woot Goze Boom Boom For $120​