Pinterest, the social media platform of choice for aichmophiliacs, is a great place to look at ideas for home decorating, fashion, crafts, and a thousand other things. I'm not much pinterested in the site, but my wife sure loves it. Some days she spends hours poring over the app, searching for inspiration for her latest project.

Now, with the introduction of buyable pins, she, and all other Android users, can buy many of the products they see with just a couple of clicks. Great... I'm so excited this is a thing now. Artem, I'm going to need a raise.

Let me step back a minute and explain what a buyable pin is. Users will now be able to purchase certain products shown on Pinterest directly from the mobile app. A price in blue text in the corner of a post indicates that the item shown can be bought. Click the post, tap "Buy It", enter your info (the first time you make a purchase) and, congrats, you bought that thing you just had to have.


There are over 60 million buyable pins available, and more are on their way. Once again, that is just wonderful news. I'm going to have to hide my wife's phone.

Pinterest users on iOS devices have been able to buy products through the app since early this summer. Android users can expect to see the buyable pins appear in their feed starting as early as today as the new feature rolls out. I downloaded Pinterest to check them out for myself, but it seems that the roll out hasn't happened just yet.

Also in the works is a new Pinterest Shop. The Pinterest Shop will contain seasonal collections of products selected by Pinterest staff from large retailers such as Nordstroms and Bloomingdales, as well as many smaller boutiques. The Pinterest Shop will roll out on Android and iOS devices in the next couple of weeks.

Not a Pinterest user yet? You can download the app using the widget below.

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