Since its release in 2012, Pixlr has received several updates and tweaks, but no major changes to its interface. That left the app looking like a Gingerbread relic on my and many other users' modern smartphones with their material looks and spiffy animations. For an app that specializes in making things look prettier, Pixlr wasn't fulfilling its own end of the bargain. Take a look at what Pixlr was like before today:

pixlr-update-old-1 pixlr-update-old-2 pixlr-update-old-3

And now here are the same there pages after today's update:

pixlr-update-new-1 pixlr-update-new-2 pixlr-update-new-3

Nice, right? It doesn't seem like a huge departure from the original design until you start applying edits, that's when you'll see the new overlaid options, cleaner and bigger icons, and the easier to use interface. I wouldn't exactly call it Material, but it fits well with the style.

This update isn't just aesthetic though. It brings a few new editing tools to the app, like new brushes and an eraser, and more control over many of the existing tools. There's also a "Made with Pixlr" section that basically copies Pixlr's Instagram feed and shows you what other users are creating with the app. Here are a few more screenshots from the new app showing its different sections:


Hello Pixlr lovers! We’ve been listening and here comes our biggest update, yet!
Pixlr now has a sleek new gorgeous interface that makes it even easier and more fun to edit your amazing photos!
•Check out MADE WITH PIXLR and get inspired by the Pixlr community.
•Introducing the Eraser tool– use it across all tools to selectively remove pixels.
•All-in-one Adjustment– get full creative control over the editing process.
•New Brushes–try brighten, darken, pixelated, and doodle.
•10 more languages!

Despite the release of dozens of other good photo editing apps, Pixlr remained my go-to app thanks to its sheer number of options — the Heal tool is excellent for cleaning up blemishes in selfies and that's one of my guilty indulgences! Now Pixlr is easier and more enjoyable to use. Grab it for free from the link below, but beware of ads. If they annoy you, a $2 IAP removes them.

Pixlr – Free Photo Editor
Pixlr – Free Photo Editor
Developer: 123RF Limited
Price: Free+