The newest mobile Humble Bundle is available, and this time there's no developer tie-in or theme. It's just a collection of cool games from a variety of genres. There are six games in the bundle to start, but more will be added next week.

There are two tiers in this bundle. Pay $1 or more and you get Outwitters, Block Legend, and Rocket ROBO. If you pay above the average at the time of purchase, you unlock the second tier of games with Ys Chronicles 1, Space Marshals, and ALONE. There's a little bit of everything in this bundle from the top-down shooter (Space Marshals) to a side-scrolling puzzler (Rocket ROBO).

All the games are DRM-free and you have control over how the payment is split between Humble Bundle, developers, and charity. The bundle runs for two weeks from today, and new games should be added halfway through. You can buy now and still get the new ones when they're announced.