The HTC One A9 is a fun phone to mock, but as it turns out, it's also a fun phone to use. And if you're an AT&T customer, your chance to do so has arrived.

The carrier offers HTC's first Marshmallow-running device in Carbon Gray and Opal Silver. Either way, you're paying $520. Yes, that's a big leap up from the $400 introductory price, but that's why we call them deals (edit: so you might want to jump on that while you still can).

Since this is AT&T we're talking about, you have no shortage of ways to part with your money. You can let go of $520 upfront, pay $17.34 for 30 months, hand over $21.67 for 24 months, or say bye-bye to $26 for 20 months. Lastly, there's the option to kick it old school and sign a two-year contract while sliding AT&T a Benjamin.


Okay, technically you won't be able to pay in cash until the phone appears in stores on November 6th. But after that, you're free to use the stockest feeling HTC device we've seen since the company offered Google Play Editions.