HTC has been running "Hot Deals" discounts on hardware like the M9 and ReCamera recently, and the Nexus 9 has popped up once or twice before too. Now, it's back and you can score the (still) most recent Google Nexus tablet for 40% off. This covers all variants from the 16GB WiFI to 32GB LTE, but supplies are limited.

The Nexus 9 usually starts at $399 for the 16GB WiFi, but that version is down to $239.40. The 32GB WiFi is down from $479 to $287.40. Finally, the 32GB LTE is $359.40 from $599. HTC has black and white versions of the device, but only black for the LTE. The rare sand variant is nowhere to be found.

The deal is open to the US only, and there's a limit of three tablets per customer. In the past, the Nexus 9 was not the best experience, but the Marshmallow update has finally made it into the device it should have been from the start. It's a good deal at under $300 for a WiFi tablet. The deal will end on 11/4/2015 at 11:59 PM PT, but I'm sure it'll be sold out before then.