AT&T announced NumberSync a few weeks ago as a way to share a single mobile number with multiple AT&T devices. Now we get to see what sort of extra gadgets AT&T is looking to push with NumberSync. The Samsung Gear S2 and 2nd gen LG Watch Urbane LTE smart watches are going to be the launch devices for NumberSync, but the LG watch won't have it right away.

The Gear S2 is out on November 20th for $15 per month for 20 months ($300 full price) or $199.99 with a contract. You also have to pay the usual $10 access fee to have it on your mobile share plan. The Watch Urbane LTE will be in stores on November 14th for the same $15/20 month or $199.99 price. Again, it costs $10 per month to have it on your account.


This Gear S2 will have NumberSync at launch, which doesn't cost anything extra (aside from the $10 line fee). The Urbane will get NumberSync support early next year, which might indicate some important additions to Android Wear around that time. While they won't be available until the above dates, you can order either watch from AT&T on November 6th.