This many decades into the Internet's existence, the publishing industry is still in a state of flux. Do we upload everything to free websites and pump out stories in an endless stream? Do we continue printing articles on paper? Some may scoff at the idea, but this Android Police writer, despite writing for a blog, still enjoys reading things in print.

Google Play Newsstand offers something of a middle ground. You get the layout and style of the print magazine, but you get the instant availability and portability of electronic content. And now you can buy those subscriptions in the South American countries of Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Peru.


A screenshot of Google Play Newsstand in Chile

Newcomers to Google's little magazine rack have their pick of free trials that turn into full subscription after a couple of weeks. That's long enough to check out an issue or two, depending on how often the publisher gets things out. There are newspapers to pick from too, but the app formats them more like blogs than magazines. Though if you're primarily concerned about the content, then that's less of an issue. News is news.