Here's a gaming announcement that came out of nowhere: Titanfall, one of the biggest new first person shooters to appear on gaming PCs and consoles last year, will get a mobile release. The Guardian reports that Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment (made up mostly of ex-Call of Duty developers) and Nexon (a developer that focuses on full-sized PC games that use the freemium model) will both invest in newbie mobile developer Particle City, with the aim to create "several mobile games based on Titanfall."

If you weren't following the gaming news in early 2014, Titanfall is an arena-based shooter that puts a sci-fi spin on the popular FPS genre. Players can zip around the environment, running on walls and double-jumping with the help of small jetpacks, shooting both human opponents and AI-controlled bots. Once a game timer winds down, players can call in "Titans," three-story mechs that are built in orbit and fired down onto the battlefield. Players can then jump into the Titans to duke it out like murderous Rock-Em Sock-Em Robots, or continue on foot, switching between the two game modes at will.

Titanfall's speed and movement are what make it unique, and those factors (combined with the general complexity of first person shooter gameplay) mean it's extremely unlikely that we'll see a mobile version of Titanfall that looks similar to the PC and Xbox game. We're probably looking at something that ties into the science fiction franchise without directly emulating the gameplay. Think of something similar to Batman: Arkham Origins, which is a sprawling sandbox action game on consoles, but a tap-and-swipe fighter on phones.

The game will almost certainly be free-to-play and/or supported by extensive in-app purchases, since Titanfall is published by Electronic Arts and the new games will have input from Nexon. It will be interesting to see how Particle City adapts the game to Android and iOS devices. It's worth noting that while Particle City doesn't have any games to its credit yet, the developer was co-founded by Respawn CEO Vince Zampella, and is based in the same Los Angeles office.