The PRIV is BlackBerry's first true Android device. It's something that we, and a considerable portion of die-hard BlackBerry customers, have been looking forward to for a long time. But there are a couple of things that might make potential buyers trepidatious: one, a relatively high price tag of $699, and two, well, it's BlackBerry's first entry on a new software platform. So what are the highlights, aside from the obvious slide-out QWERTY keyboard? BlackBerry would like to show you. The video below is a highlight reel of what makes the PRIV different from other Android flagship phones.

If you're at work or you can't watch for some other reason, here are the bullet points:

  • Blackberry Hub: a combined inbox that mixes multiple email and messaging accounts
  • Pop-up widgets: swipe on certain app icons on the PRIV's homescreen to see a widget, instead of having it permanently take up space
  • Screen: 5.4" 2560x1440, with double-curved glass similar to the Galaxy S6 Edge
  • Virtual keyboard: "best in class" custom keyboard with a swipe gesture to select predicted words
  • Battery: BlackBerry claims 22.5 hours of mixed use with the 3210mAh battery
  • Camera: 18MP senor, dual flash modules, optical image stabilization, 4K 30FPS video recording
  • DTEK: a proprietary system that gives you an overall security rating based on your apps, settings, and encryption

The GSM unlocked PRIV is available for pre-order on BlackBerry's online store for $699. It will ship on November 6th.