That's right, the original Tomb Raider sequel is approaching twenty years old. Nearly two decades have passed since players got to take a blocky Lara Croft back through tombs and mostly non-tombs on PlayStations and PCs. Now you can take the game with you in your pocket for the extra low price of 99 cents.

This release comes after the original Tomb Raider raided the Play Store on April 1st. Lara Croft wasn't joking around then, and she isn't now.


The sequel brings back the virtual D-pad and on-screen buttons of the prior port, along with the stilted movement you already know and love from all the early Tomb Raider games. Though to really relive the experience, you're going to want to pair up a Bluetooth controller.


Tomb Raider II lets you hop into vehicles both on land and in the water, and you can gun down enemies with everything from Lara's trademark pistols to a grenade launcher. This release also comes with the complete The Golden Mask expansion. So your dollar is buying you plenty of content, in case you were concerned. I'd say something about this amount of nostalgia being priceless, but really, it isn't. It's only 99 cents.

Tomb Raider II
Tomb Raider II
Developer: SQUARE ENIX Ltd
Price: $0.99