Today is the big day. Open YouTube on your platform of choice and you might notice a new logo for YouTube Red. Google's ad-free version of YouTube appears to have just gone live for eligible subscribers. Never again will you be asked to sit through a 15-second pre-roll ad for a 30 second video or click to hide that stupid banner. What a glorious day this is.

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YouTube Red is supported on any platform where you can log in. The Android app now says YouTube Red at the top and includes built-in offline caching and screen-off playback. The settings of the app include a section for YouTube Red that explains where the membership comes from and how to manage it. This is important because you can subscribe directly to Red or get it free via a Play Music subscription.

The monthly price for YouTube Red is $9.99, just like Play Music, which you get for free. You can get a 1-month free trial of Red if you, for some reason, cannot see the amazing appeal of ad-free YouTube.