Microsoft acquired Sunrise Calendar earlier this year, and now comes the news that fans of Sunrise have been dreading. The Sunrise app is dead, but its features will be rolled into the existing Outlook app. Microsoft is still putting the finishing touches on the first Sunrise-infused Outlook update, but it has offered up some screenshots to tide you over.

Outlook is obviously an email client, but it has calendar functionality as well. Those features will be greatly improved with the introduction of Sunrise DNA. The upcoming version will include a new agenda view and more "material" contact lists. Things like connected apps and 3-day views will be added to Outlook later this year.

Going from an app that was just a calendar to one that's primarily a mail client seems odd. I don't know that users of Sunrise will go that way now that the app is being retired. They're more likely to start using another dedicated calendar app like Today or Google Calendar. The new Outlook app will be out soon, but we don't have a particular time frame.

The app was not found in the store. :-(