There aren't many things apps can brag about to other apps. Oh, you're portable? So am I! What's that? You come in a small package size? Same here! You're finger friendly, can explain how you work in a few screens, and integrate well with the rest of Android? Check, check, and check! Over 1 billion downloads? Okay, Google Drive, you have me beat.

Yeah, download counts are special. Not all developers are out to get their apps into the hands of as many people as possible, but most feel a certain tingle in their chest when that number starts to work its way up. So kudos to the Google Drive team for producing the latest app to pass that milestone.

Reaching a billion downloads is no easy task. Keep in mind, Android has in the area of 1.4 billion active users. Granted, these aren't unique installs we're talking about. Many of these Play Store downloads are from users setting up a device for the first time, switching to a different phone, or resetting up an existing one. But still. Bragging rights. Drive can now take its place alongside the other predominantly Google-made apps that come preinstalled on your phone.

Google Drive
Google Drive
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free+