Most apps on the Play Store are free, and those that are paid usually cost somewhere between one and five dollars. The top price for applications and in-app purchases in the US version of the Play Store before today was $200 (which usually wasn't actually seen except for IAPs for freemium games). Last night, the Play Store developer support page for paid apps was updated, and in nearly every territory where paid apps are supported, the top limit was increased by two to three times. Developers can now set apps or in-app purchases to as much as $400.

Here are some of the changes:

  • United States - previous limit $200, current limit $400
  • Canada - previous limit $210, current limit $500
  • United Kingdom - previous limit £150, current limit £300
  • Most Euro currency countries - previous limit €199, current limit €350
  • Mexico - previous limit MXN 2,500, current limit MXN 7,500
  • Australia - previous limit $200, current limit $550
  • India - previous limit INR 16,000, current limit INR 26,000
  • Indonesia - previous limit IDR 2,200,000, current limit 5,500,500
  • Brazil - previous limit BRL 500 - current limit BRL 1,500

You probably won't see these limits on many actual apps, but since IAPs tend to go up to the absolute limit, it's entirely possible you'll see the top prices in new or updated games from EA, King, Gamevil, and the like. You'll also see some prices above your local price limit when apps are first published in another territory and the price is converted into local currency.

Oh, 600613, you 1337 h4x0r. Take a look at the max limits in some countries:

There are several variations of the 1337 numbers on the page, reaching as high as 1,337,000.00 in Colombia. Never change, Google.