Google released the TP-Link OnHub router a few months ago to kick off a new product category, and now there's a second version. The Asus-built OnHub will be available for pre-order in the US for $219.99, and it looks and functions a lot like the last OnHub. The first OnHub isn't being forgotten, though. It will be getting its first update this week.

The Asus OnHub has a similar design to the TP-Link version, but instead of tapering out toward the top, it gets slightly narrower. You can also wave your hand over the Asus OnHub to instantly prioritize a device. Google says the Asus router doesn't have that big antenna reflector/heatsink inside—that's unique to the TP-Link router. It does have the same multi-antenna array with the congestion-sensing functionality, though.

06 - Asus on white shelf opt. 2

The first OnHub software update will be pushed out to all existing devices in the next week or so. It brings "several" improvements including a new smart antenna algorithm. It would be really nice if one of those improvements was a functional USB port, Google.

If you want to grab the new OnHub, Google has a page that links to various retailers (including the Google Store). However, the new Asus OnHub doesn't appear to be listed anywhere just yet.


Listings are live on Newegg, Amazon, and Google Store. Newegg lists an 11/3 ship date.