While some devices continue to shun the microSD card (looking at you, Google), there are plenty of phones out there that still let you slap in a card to get more space. If you've got a G4, Moto X Pure, or other card slot-packing device, Amazon is offering Samsung EVO cards for a solid discount of 40-70% off retail.

The highlight of this storage sale is the 128GB card for a mere $58.99, which is $11 cheaper than the last time this one was on sale. The other sizes are a few bucks cheaper as well. There's the 64GB for $21.99, 32GB for $10.32, and 16GB for $8.21.

That 128GB card is basically half price compared to the start of 2015. There's no timer on the sale, but there's no telling if it'll go back up at some point. These are all available with Prime shipping as well.