For audiophiles and casual listeners alike, Audio Technica's M-series is an institution of sorts. The product line has proven durable, comfortable, and top tier in audio quality all at price points that shouldn't scare off someone willing to put a small investment into their listening experience. If even those prices were still a little steep for you, today there's no excuse. Amazon is offering three models at all-time low prices, according to CamelCamelCamel's price tracking history.

The ATH-50x is available for $129, down from its usual $165. The ATH-40x is at $79 (down from $99) while the most affordable ATH-30x is $49 (typically $70). Those former prices I've mentioned aren't retail prices, either, those are the street prices that you can normally find them for at Amazon and elsewhere. The discounts are major drops even on that.


Enough with the sales pitch, these things market themselves. Just poke through the countless positive reviews and you can draw your own conclusions. You better do it fast, though, because the deal ends today. Follow the source link to get there.