Do you care how much battery life your phone has? No, do you really care? You have a spreadsheet set up in Google Slides documenting your experience over the past few weeks. You can recall at a whim the amount of screen on time you've experienced on every Android device you've owned since Gingerbread. You don't get mad at your hardware when it dies at 4PM—you blame those wakelocking S.O.B apps.

In that case, you probably already have BetterBatteryStats installed. The latest version adds Marshmallow support. That's good for those of you with rooted Nexus devices, and it's even more on-time for folks with custom ROMs that haven't gotten around to running Android 6.0 just yet.

This isn't all the changelog contains. Here's the remainder of the enhancements you can expect when you fire up the app. And if you haven't checked out BetterBatteryStats before, heh, it's not a bad way to spend two bucks.

What's New:

  • Android Marshmallow Support
  • New Artwork
  • New responsive widget
  • Optimized legacy widgets
  • New version of the system app
  • Fixed Widget not always refreshing at screen on
  • Fixed various bugs from crash reports
  • Fixed graphs being off on 5.1
  • Fixed rate dialog
  • Fixed totals in process views
  • Specific parser for LG G3 kernel wakelocks

Developer: Sven Knispel
Price: $1.99