To show just how serious they are about their effort to make headway into the US market, Huawei will double the standard warranty period for the newly-released Huawei Watch. While the in-box insert for the Huawei Watch will state that the device is warranted for 12 months, you now need only to register the device at the company's website to add yet another year to the period. Both Huawei and Google are certainly hoping this might make it easier for you to swallow the idea of paying $399 for a smartwatch.

This is a pretty soft launch, though, as it has only been announced via the company's community blog at this juncture. They will want to consider actually broadcasting this change a little bit if they want the hypothetical average consumer to be thinking about this. With that said, there are two "catches" to note with the offer:

  1. You must register the product at this page within 45 days of purchase.
  2. The original purchase must be via

These stipulations are not mentioned in the blog post, but are on the product registration page. It might get updated, but I wouldn't bank on it. With no registration, you default to the 12 month warranty that has been publicized elsewhere.

Hopefully Huawei expands this deal to purchases made through other official channels, at the least the ones Huawei promotes on their own US website.

You don't have to buy direct from Huawei to get the warranty.

Thanks Taylor Wimberly for the clarification; this offer will apply to Huawei Watches purchased via all US retailers. He says they just need to update that registration page.