Facebook is about to put more things in the notification tab of your Android app. Note, that doesn't mean you're any more popular. If anything, less so. Facebook will start including notifications based on the people, pages, and locations you're connected to in this tab.

FB-Notifications-Tab-Movies FB-Notifications-Tab-Notifications FB-Notifications-Tab-Places

This is a server-side change that's rolling out to Android and iOS starting today. Sorry for the iOS screenshots, but that's all Facebook provided. Direct all your complaints to [email protected] When you get the new notification tab on your Android device, you'll see events from friends (eg. birthdays), sports scores for teams you follow, and events you've added to your calendar. With location services enabled, you'll also have local events, movie times, and other nearby info.

Your notification settings won't change in the update, which should arrive on your device without a full app update. The new notifications are also coming to users in the US right now with no specifics on international support. If there's too much stuff in there after the update, you can customize by tapping the drop down arrow on each card.