Earlier this week, photos of Samsung's upcoming Galaxy View tablet - a word I use primarily because there isn't a better one for a product like this - leaked. Extensively. It's an 18.4" touchscreen with a huge stand/handle attachment, and as far as we can tell, it has basically zero productive aspirations. It's a media consumption device. So, dare I ask: why do we need this?

Samsung isn't the first OEM to try it, either. Alcatel is working on a very similar device called the Xess, and the Nabi brand of children's tablets already has several gigantic slates under its belt.

These devices don't aim to be laptop replacements - they aren't Microsoft Surface Pro fighters, and nor are they typically priced that way. They're usually substantially less expensive than professional-grade convertible devices and don't emphasize productivity, but rather media consumption. They run Android - an operating system that really doesn't provide much in the way of advanced multitasking or even a very extensive library of tablet-focused apps and content. That's always been iPad territory.

But what exactly makes the giant screen compelling? Certainly, the one thing any manufacturer of such a device can argue is they're great for video consumption. There aren't exactly many battery-powered 18.4" displays out there. So, if you don't have a TV, or just want a more personal video experience, there's certainly that. But is this an appealing enough feature to actually go out and buy something like this? Are there other uses that are particularly suited for an extra-large touchscreen (the View doesn't look like a stylus device, by the way)? Particularly one that runs something like Android or iOS? Let's talk about it.

Are you interested in very large (>13-14") tablets with mobile operating systems?

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