This generation of Nexus phones is having some teething troubles, or at least the accessories are. A few weeks after the first batch of Nexus 6P cases appeared to block the laser auto-focus module on the rear of the phone, some early cases for the Nexus 5X are showing similar problems. Redditor Brucensb showed off a photo of a Spigen-branded Ultra Hybrid case that completely covers the microphone on the bottom edge of the phone, the primary mic used when making a call. Oops.

According to the comments (which we can't independently verify) this is a problem with early cases from many popular manufacturers, including Diztronic, Cruzerlite, and Verus. Customers say that the manufactures are aware of the issue and are sending replacements. Of course, the hole is small enough that end users should be able to make their own modifications with a small drill or something similar.

Widespread problems like this probably come from a faulty engineering sample or dummy phone, which phone manufacturers often send to accessory makers even before the device is announced so that there's a decent selection of cases at launch. (This is a frequent source of leaks for gadget blogs.) It seems like the sample sent to these case makers was either incorrect or the final design of the phone was modified slightly before release. Either way, it's a costly and embarrassing mistake.