Words are for losers. As someone who makes a living putting them in a pleasing order, I should know. The future belongs to emojis, tiny, semi-open images that boil the nuances of self-expression down to a series of postage stamps. And at the moment, Apple's iOS has an advantage in that respect: a recent software update gave iPhones and iPads access to new emojis that don't appear on other hardware, like Android. So when Android users can't see the brilliance of a pixel art middle finger and thus miss the subtle meaning behind their iPhone-using friend's text message, the world is poorer for it.

Apparently at least a few Android users are upset that the OS doesn't yet support the newer emojis introduced in the latest versions of Unicode, and have expressed their displeasure in the usual places. Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google's newest Senior Vice President in charge of Android, Chrome, and Chromecast after the game of executive musical chairs that was the Alphabet spin-off, agrees. He posted the following to Twitter to try and assuage some of the more recent criticism:

There you have it, folks: more emojis are coming to Android, presumably including that coveted middle finger. Smiley face hashtag finally hashtag bird.