Getting bought by Microsoft hasn't hindered the productive folks over at Wunderlist. They're now ready to roll out an update to their Android app with a revamped interface that finally looks good enough to deserve a Material Design adjective. Its previous update had claimed that, but it was actually the bastard child of some iOS and Android design elements. This one, on the contrary, does away with the clunky design, reduces a few shadows, flattens a couple of boxes, cleans some icons, and generally looks shiny, in a faded pastel kind of way.

The update isn't just superficial though. It adds a shortcut to create new tasks from the notification bar and a Quick-Add function to send tasks to their lists and assign dates to them (type "tomorrow at 9am" and Wunderlist will schedule your task for that time). You can also bulk change due dates, duplicate lists, and replace list icons with emojis.

Wunderlist is Marshmallow-ready now by adopting Android 6.0's new permissions, and the team is boasting Google On Tap integration to get quick relevant information about your tasks, though to be honest that's going to be available on any app in Marshmallow.

Wunderlist is still a free app to try and use so grab it from the link below and try to be productive. Or y'know, just install it and look at it.