Twitter opinions are a dime a dozen. Actually, no, they're much cheaper than that. People give them out for free. Let something happen, online or off, and someone will take to Twitter to offer their two cents.

But that doesn't stop people from tweeting out questions. Understandably, sometimes you want to get a gauge of how your followers feel in particular. Thing is, most people will overlook that tweet, and you're mostly likely to get feedback from the folks who care the most, negatively or positively.

Now Twitter is rolling out the ability to tweet polls, increasing your likelihood of getting engagement from the more passive among us.

This functions similarly to what we've seen on Google+ and Facebook. You don't have to respond to offer your opinion. Just click on the answer to instantly have your thoughts converted into a percentage. It's like voting for president. But in this instance, you're limited to only two choices when you create a poll in the compose box, and responses are limited to 24 hours.

Twitter has supported various forms of polling, but never this simply. Previous options involved asking questions and tracking replies or counting votes sent via hashtags, favorites, and retweets.

The feature is rolling out to Android, iOS, and the web over the next few days.

Developer: Twitter, Inc.
Price: Free