The day we've been waiting for is finally here—the ad-free YouTube Red service is a reality. Well, technically it will be a reality in a week on October 28th (close to the date we had before), but we've got all the details now. For $9.99 per month you'll never see another ad on YouTube, and it includes a number of other cool perks.

YouTube Red will include an ad-free experience on all videos, offline saving, and background playback. You won't see any banners, pre/mid-roll ads, or text overlay ads with YouTube Red. There might still be some embedded promotions added by the channel, but Google doesn't have anything to do with those. YouTube Red is supported anywhere you can log into your account. There will be a new dedicated YouTube Music app hitting the Play Store soon, and exclusive content will be added to Red as well.

Some of these features might sound familiar to Play Music subscribers, and there's a good reason. The two services are intimately linked. If you pay the $9.99 monthly YouTube Red subscription, you automatically get unlimited Play Music streaming too. If you already subscribe to Play Music, you get YouTube Red for free too. Either way, it's $10 for both services, which is a pretty fantastic deal.

It all kicks off on October 28th when new users will have a chance to try Red for one month free (limited to the US, sorry). That's also when new Red subscriptions will be available, but you can just sub to Play Music now to get access on day one. Did I mention how great this deal is? Because it really, really is.

Family plan

A Googler has apparently confirmed that the upcoming family plan for Play Music will also include YouTube Red (see the comment from Christopher Schmidt on the post). We don't know yet when that plan will be available, but it's supposed to happen this year.

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