The Microsoft Garage team has graced the Play Store with more than a few interesting apps recently, some of which are actually useful. The latest project from the Garage is a note taking app called Parchi. It's designed to be quick and easily searchable, but odds are it's not available in your country yet.

Parchi lets you create simple text notes, lists, reminders, photo notes, and more. I suppose its claim to fame is the tagging system. You can add hashtags to your notes with a tap, then easily filter the notes later. There's also a lock screen widget that hovers at the top of the screen, giving you quick access to important notes and the ability to add new ones. It's not as full featured as OneNote or Keep, but it has some interesting ideas.

The app has some material design elements and lets you add colors to your notes. It's a nice looking app overall. To experience it in an official manner, you'll need to be in India (I think). It's not available in the US, but the installer is on APK Mirror if you want to try it.

The app was not found in the store. :-(