Okay, MapQuest still exists. I know, now that I've completely blown your mind, I can also tell you the MapQuest Android app has been updated to v3.0, and there are some substantial improvements. Will wonders never cease?

MapQuest is going to great pains with this revamp to remind everyone that yes, MapQuest is still a thing. They even have a hashtag campaign using #MapQuestIt. I can almost imagine a product manager at MapQuest waiting for a high five after he says that out loud. At any rate, here's the changelog for the v3.0 update.

  • An improved user experience incorporating popular enhancement requests received directly from users, including larger map real estate
  • Redesigned and updated maps, rebuilt from the ground up to be faster, more intuitive and responsive, with improved search engine capabilities and enhanced routing performance
  • A new map stack and updated map styling from Mapbox helping to simplify the experience for users
  • Map styling highlighting the most distinguishable landmarks with customized colors and more granular map data
  • Improvements to existing Layers functionality allowing users to see local businesses and points of interest around them and easily add them to their route. Users can interact even further, like browse menus and reviews, make reservations and order food through Yelp, OpenTable and GrubHub, and even book nearby hotels directly from the app
  • Enhancements to our Find Places feature helping users easily locate local businesses in their area, giving them the option to not only search by category but also get directions, business and contact information, without having to leave the experience
  • Agility of the platform allows for the most up-to-date information, adjusting to traffic patterns and construction
  • Optimized and efficient multi-stop route selection saving both time and money
  • Accurate expected time of arrival and bookmarking of travelers' favorite destinations.


I think the main differentiating feature of MapQuest is that you create a route with multiple stops for turn-by-turn navigation. It also has a lot of points-of-interest, but so does Google Maps. The UI is better than it used to be, but it still looks dated compared to the current state of Android. If you want to #MapQuestIt like the old days, the app is free in the Play Store.