According to our poll, at least 1900 Android Police readers ordered a Nexus 5X, and your device may have started shipping already. If you're one of them (or us, I ordered one too), you're probably too eager to get your hands on the latest Marshmallow'y goodness straight from Google and LG's hands. You've already read Ryan's review preview, but you can now do one more thing to prepare yourself for the 5X's arrival to your doorstep: download its factory image.


Google has posted these for three variants of the 5X: MDA89E, MDA89F, and MDB08I. Ryan's unit runs MDB08G so there may be a few more software versions out there which images haven't been uploaded yet.

This will make sure you have an image ready to flash, just in case you mess up something while tinkering with your new phone. It is also an opportunity for modders and developers to start poking around in the files to see if they can find anything new.