Google never really promoted Wallet in all the years it existed and was capable of NFC payments, but at least it's trying with Android Pay. If you've got a Jamba Juice nearby, you can (maybe) get a free Android mini figurine if you pay with Android Pay. If you like Android and could go for a smoothy, it's a win-win.

This promotion is only available at participating locations, so you'll want to call ahead and make sure they've got the droids you're looking for. The stores with stock only have 50-100 of them, but it's not like Android Pay is very common yet. That shouldn't be a problem.

Android Pay_10.15.2015

These don't appear to be a new series of Android figurines, though. They're from a few different series of the Dead Zebra mini collectibles—I recognize a few of them. They're still not easy to find, though. Once these are sold out, your best bet is poking around on eBay. Sellers don't usually include smoothies.