When I fire up the Play Store, I generally start searching for an app right away. But sometimes it pays to scroll through the pages. Some users are seeing an option to save 50% off any one album under $15.

Note, I'm not one of them. Not yet, anyway. But at least one staff member has seen the offer in the music section of the Play Store, and a reader has sent us these screens.

The deal is apparently only available to users who receive the offer, and they must redeem it by October 31st. The savings apply to a single purchase. Albums will still appear as full price up until checkout, which is when the discount takes effect.

If you see this pop up in the Play Store, feel free to chime in and make those who haven't jealous. Those of us who opt to buy albums directly, that is.

Looks like these deals aren't just limited to music. Another reader has received an offer to save 40% on a graphic novel or comic instead.


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