You could pick up a cheap Nexus Player or an NVIDIA SHIELD if you just want Android TV in your life, but Sony also makes some TV with the software built in, so why not? If you need a new TV anyway, you can't go wrong. One of Sony's Android TVs is available through Dell, and you'll get a whopping $350 gift card when ordering.

The model in question is the XBR49X830C, which just came out this year. It's a 49-inch 4K TV with 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports, WiFi, and a ton of other stuff. The Dell price is the same as Amazon and most other retailers, but that's not the part that's a deal. After buying the TV, Dell will email you a $350 Dell gift card. This might take 10-20 days to arrive, though.

2015-10-16 10_12_22-The Dell Online Store

You can use the gift card on anything Dell sells, like the Venue 8 Android tablet, which (conveniently) sells for $350. You could also cover most of the cost of one of those awesome new 13-inch Dell Chromebooks.