Gmail gained the ability to handle non-Google email accounts in Lollipop, but most OEMs still make their own stock email client. Motorola is no different, and now it's added that app to the Play Store so it can be updated regularly. As an added bonus, the screenshots of the updated app were apparently taken on a Droid Maxx 2, which hasn't been announced yet. Very subtle, guys.

According to the changelog, Motorola is making a lot of tweaks to its email app. Here's what it includes.

  • Disable sync while roaming
  • Progressive search capability for emails
  • Attach pictures from Camera in composer
  • Notifications for attachment download failures/cancellations
  • New option "Select All" for email operations
  • Customize peak time sync schedule
  • New option to choose number of emails to sync for POP account
  • New safe way of communicating with Google Gmail server using OAuth 2.0
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.

This app is probably intended for the Droid phones. Now that it's in the Play Store, it might actually get enough attention that it's worth using. The Gmail app is already pretty solid, though. The Motorola Email app does have an automatic device signature, which is how we know these screens came from an unannounced Droid Maxx 2—it says so right there at the bottom of the email in the screens. That device is expected to be a Verizon-exclusive US version of the Moto X Play. It'll be official on October 27th.

Moto Email
Moto Email
Price: Free