As a lover of a good bargain, I write a fair number of deal alert articles for AP. Recently, I have seen a few readers complain in the comments that they are tired of these pieces. But you know what, those readers are in the minority. Most of the feedback I receive is overwhelmingly positive. In fact, I've been told that the articles I write are of a quality you wouldn't get from any other guy.

Sorry to gush, but I just want to tell you all how I'm feeling. You readers mean everything to me. I promise that I won't ever post a lousy deal, because that would be a lie, and it might hurt you. Don't tell me you're too blind to see I am posting genuinely good items and content at great prices.

So sorry, detractors, these deal alert posts aren't going away. I could never say goodbye to the opportunity to share a bargain with my friends. I don't know how I'm going to do it, but I just gotta make you understand that I'm never gonna let you down. So, I hope I have your continued support as I scour the internet for low prices and free stuff. We here at AP know the game of finding a good value and we are going to play it.

Thanks for your support loyal AP readers, I appreciate you never giving up on me. Here's a link to a free album on Google Play Music that I hope you will accept as a token of my gratitude.

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