YouTube has been able to display 360 degree video since early this year, and they remain just as cool now as they were then. The perspective even makes ads—which YouTube can also let you view in 360 degrees—more interesting. Take this new promotional Play Music video, for example.

This 360 degree ad begins with you standing in an empty room that's about to flood with party goers all ready for a good time. Then you ride shotgun on your way to a beach where a couple has just purchased their first home. And for two love birds so young to already be able to afford beachfront property and own horses, they must be Googlers.

The ad promotes Google Play Music as Music for the big moves, the open road, the next chapter, and for everything you do. That now includes the ability to give subscriptions to friends and family members, though that feature doesn't make an appearance in the video. Here, it's just about having a good time.

YouTube Music
YouTube Music
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